So you want to be a farmer?

Many people dream of going to the country and running a farm. Here are my top tips.

1) It rains. A lot! And just because its pouring it down or blowing a gale doesnt mean the animals dont need seeing to. Invest in some waterproofs.

2) There’s a LOT of paperwork. This is the one thing most farmers despise. But it needs to be done. Make sure you have a decent computer- or at least someone you can rely on to help you with it. In Wales, the National Farmers Union or Farmers Union Of Wales are fantastic for helping.

3) You are going to get knee deep in cow shit, or elbow deep in some other bodily fluids at some point. Leave the designer gear in the wardrobe.

4) It’s not a nine til five job. Animals dont suddenly sleep at 5pm. Expect to be up at all hours, especially at lambing time.

5) Expenses! It will seem sometimes that you are throwing money at a lost cause, but hang on in there, you will see your investment pay eventually. But be warned, prices go up and down!

6) be prepared for some trial and error. Even the most seasoned farmer will learn something new along the way. Things will go wrong, but you will learn from them.

7) Holidays will go out of the window unless you have someone who is very trustworthy to take care of the animals while you are away.

8) Theres no sentiment in business. You will get attached to your animals, and however big the herd or flock, there will be some unforgettable characters. But at the end of the day. You are running a business, and animals will come and go if you are to make a business out of it.

9) Routine is everything. Invest in a planner or a diary and plan ahead, work out what you will need to do and when you are doing it. A good routine will mean a good farm.

10) Enjoy every moment, from the shouting and the swearing to the first lamb being born. Once it’s in your blood, you will love it and become addicted. And the stories round the table over a cuppa are fantastic.!!!

What are your comments and tips?


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