Farming WAGS-A Traditionalist view and MY view

Most people, especially here in Wales think of a farmers wife as raising the kids, feeding the pet lambs, rearing the calves and making sure the tea is on the table ready for when the husband walks through the door after a busy day in the fields.

C’mon people, it’s 2017 not 1950 where a woman wasn’t even allowed a bank account.

Only the other day, my brother walked in after a day working on a neighbouring farm saying

“well his Mrs had lunch and tea cooked ready for us, and she feeds all of the pet lambs”

Don’t get me wrong, if this is what a woman is happy doing, then that’s fine as long as it’s her decision. But what I don’t agree with, is this expectation that this is what a farmers wife should be doing.

Now what many seem to forget (and at the risk of sounding like my grandmother) is that during the war, when all the men were away fighting is that the women were the ones ploughing the fields, bringing in the harvest, pulling the calves and putting tea on the table!

My view is that a farmer marries or chooses to be with someone for the person, not for the expectation. Some women will like being the one to put tea on the table, some will prefer to go out and work in an entirely different occupation all together and some are the farmers! Either way, whichever choice a woman makes, it shouldn’t matter but it should be hers.

Times are changing, and so are opinions. My partner’s chat up line to me at the Royal Welsh Show was

“So at what angle would you knock a staple in a fence post” and “can you drive a tractor”

For me that was amazing, because I had spent so long trying to prove that I could do exactly what a man could do on a farm and this person just automatically thought that I could. Our first date was spent building a gap in a stone wall and fixing a boundary fence. But that was my ideal first date, but that’s just me.


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