About me

I am 26 years old, have worked in the agricultural retail sector for the past seven years, and have farmed all my life. When I got my first full time job the first thing I did with my wages was rent four acres of land, buy seven sheep and a ram. Seven years later, we now have 100 acres, 150 sheep and 10 hereford cows that we reared from 2 weeks old.IMG_0333IMG_0834

I have just become a mum for the first time to my daughter Casi. I am trying to make it on my own in the farming world, which isn’t easy when you’re a girl. It is a constant battle against your traditionalist views of agriculture, but we make it work. I want to be able to bring my daughter up to believe she can achieve anything, even when the odds are against you. And a blog seems to be the perfect way to document it all and to have an escape from everything else.


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