Yes… I’m a control freak

I am a control freak... I'll admit it straight off. And when things don't go to plan.... it feels as if my world will implode. I'm the type of person who has to have things go exactly the way I plan. In my house, you will find endless lists on scraps of paper of everything … Continue reading Yes… I’m a control freak


An Open Letter To My Boss

Dear Boss, I have been working for you for nearly seven years now, since I was 19 in fact. I remember my first day. It was the first of June 2010 and as you were short staffed I was thrown in the deep end. Thrown into a farming community of mainly men with decades of … Continue reading An Open Letter To My Boss

Farming WAGS-A Traditionalist view and MY view

Most people, especially here in Wales think of a farmers wife as raising the kids, feeding the pet lambs, rearing the calves and making sure the tea is on the table ready for when the husband walks through the door after a busy day in the fields. C’mon people, it’s 2017 not 1950 where a … Continue reading Farming WAGS-A Traditionalist view and MY view